Online Course

AIQM provides a wide range of online courses relevant to the current market needs from top universities & institutes worldwide

  • What a learner Gets:
    • Get PMI PDUs, on completion of these courses.
    • Content access for 6 months’ downloadable study material free templates.
    • These courses available in both self-learning and Web Instructor Led Training format to make learning more interactive we also have webinars along with this courses for answering the doubts of the students.
  • Our E Learning Vision:

    We believe that everyone should get the same high quality education as very few people get to know as everyone cannot get into a top institution we bring to you this quality education imparted to you by the veteran professors from the institutions

  • Our E Learning Quality Policy:

    Our quality policy enables us to choose the most valuable courses with excellent content quality, choose the best from the best in order to serve the students what is best for them and which they might find hard to find around them.

  • Benefits of Online Learning
    1. You can continue working playing Sporting hiking or living the life as you are living now and still think of or even go for education along with all of this.
    2. You might I might not find out because you are looking for near your locality or you might be finding it very hard to travel in order to complete the course
    3. And even if you find it you might not be satisfied with the quality of the course you have got near you.
    4. Your tight schedules might be boring you from taking up for the education you might know be finding yourself over aged in order to pursue the classroom course available near you.
    5. You can learn flexibly as per your free time and apply the same at your job location. I.e. you take the learning to the place directly where it is needed. This can give you a boost in your career and your emoluments.
    6. These courses are available 24 hours and all 7 days of a week you can access it anytime and any number of time. You can rewind it you can pause it, or you can fast forward it as per your convenience. What I mean to say is you can adjust the pace of learning as you want.
    7. Online learning promotes Peer learning students can learn from each other on the online platform.
    8. Where and what more to say, facts have proved that the students perform as well or better in online mode as compared to face to face mode.
    9. Also, you can get personalized course on the topic you need more expertise in.
  • Distance Learning (E-learning) FAQs:

    What is distance learning?

    Distance learning takes place through electronic interaction. It is a form of education designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the training needs and requirements of both you, as an individual, and the organisation you represent.

    You will be required to study the materials and reply the related quizzes / case-study assignments. Same will be assessed by our faculty and feedback provided to you. Once you complete all the assignments, you will need to undergo an examination.

    The greatest advantage of this learning method is that you can achieve a ASCB (E) Ltd. – UK Accredited Diploma or Certification without taking leave and at a pace that suits you.

    Are these courses available only at select locations?

    No, the course is not confined to any particular location. You can study anywhere in the world because you are not required to meet your teachers face-to-face.
    However, in some courses you get the facility of chatting with your faculty to clarify your specific doubts which do not get cleared through the e-mail interaction.

    Are there any time limits?

    These courses enable you to study at the most convenient times of the day or week, so you can develop your career opportunities without disturbing your normal work schedule.

    Do I have to finish these courses within a given time limit? What if I take longer?

    No, you do enjoy flexibility of pace - you can control the rate at which you study. Although, time-frame is indicated by us for each course, we have students who finish before the estimated time and there are others who take longer than estimated.

    Does the certificate mention that I have completed the course through distance learning?

    No. The learning is absolutely equal to what you learn in a contact class. Hence, there is no differentiation. The certificate does not indicate that you have studied through e-learning.

    What type of certifications are provided?

    • The certifications are of three types
    • Government Certifications
    • Internationally Recognised Certification
    • Recognised Certification
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