Business Analytics Fundamentals Course

Certification Course on Business Analytics Fundamentals (at Pune)
... Enabling Business leaders to take effective decisions based on BIG Data

  • Course Benefits

    In today’s competitive business environment there is an acute need for management professionals to take effective business-decisions based on the BIG data generated within the company. Converting the BIG data into critical metrics to support business outcomes is today very important for the business-leader.

    Business Analytics (BA) is your chance to catch up with the latest developments in this fast-changing field. This workshop will help participants to upgrade their knowledge and skills in Business Analytics and prepare for future challenges by:

    • Understanding big data and analytics, how they have evolved and what they mean for business in the future.
    • Assessing their capabilities and strategies for data analytics.
    • Learning to quantify key outcomes in the critical areas of their business.
    • Developing analytical and decision-making abilities through examination of real-life case studies.
    • Visualising how data analytics is impacting every aspect of their business and how to leverage the same to achieve process excellence.

    A study of today’s Fortune-1000 managers shows that they extensively use Business Analytics for reducing operational costs, increasing revenue, achieving business transformation and launching new products /services.

  • Course content

    1. Introduction to Business Analytics and way forward:

    • Basic Definition
    • Difference Between BI & BA
    • Which organizations have started adopting Analytics & their success stories
    • Furture of analytics-India prespective
    • Reasons for early adoption & it’s potential

    2. Key differences between Experience-based Vs. Data-Driven Decision making process

    3. Types of Business Analytics:

    • Descriptive
    • Diagnostic
    • Predictive
    • Prescriptive

    4. Basics of Data Science its Types - Variables and Charts:

    • Introduction to data science & its evolution
    • Core fundamentals of Data Science
    • Types of Variables
    • Structured, Semi-structured and Unstructured data
    • Data sampling techniques to select and analyze different data points
    • Data Summarization – Frequency distributions, Stem leaf plot, box plot,
      line plots, charts
    • Usages of different tools to identify patterns and trends like Correlation Analysis, Regression types, Decision tree, Time-series Analysis
    • Business applications of these tools

    5. Understanding Analytics techniques to solve complex business scenarios:

    • Key challenges in operational planning and right decision making process.
    • Mitigation of the challenges by applying analytics in the real industry scenarios
    • Problem solving methodologies through use of Analytical tools
    • Detailed interpretation of the Analytical outcomes and their direct impact on business operations.

       6. Implementation roadmap for applying data analytics to fuel business growth:

    • Adoption methodologies
    • Implementation methodologies
    • Longevity.
  • Pedagogy

    The pedagogy would focus on adult learning principles of experiential learning with a focus on:

    • Concept presentations
    • Demonstration of tools used
    • Group Discussion - Case Studies 
    • Hands-on practice on use of Analytics tools
    • Qualifying (written) Examination will held with a gap of one week after the course
    • Submission of practical BA project, by participant, within one month of completing the course.
  • Certification:

    On successfully passing the written examination and approval of the BA project, the participant will be eligible for ASCB(E) - UK accredited  Certificate on Business Analytics Fundamentals.

  • Key facilitator profile

               Mr. G.K.K. Singh is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and IIM-Kolkata and a
               well-known international trainer. He is Director of Asian Institute of
               Quality Management with long work-experience in organizations like
               Johnson & Johnson – Mumbai, Baker Gauges – Pune and Data Systems
               Services, Pune.
    An ASCB (E) – UK approved faculty, Mr. Singh has trained more than 40,000 persons till date, in India and abroad, on a variety of operational-excellence practices like Business Analytics, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt / Black Belt Certification, and Kaizen-Lean Management,

    He has mentored over 4000 successful Six Sigma, Lean Management and Business Analytics projects till date including 1650 projects in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

    He is / has been a Visiting Faculty with leading institutes like IIT-Bombay, SP Jain College, National Insurance Academy-Pune, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, and IMT Nagpur