Diploma In ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

(Asia’s only ASCB (E) LTD. – UK Accredited Course)

Through E-learning

CEO's, worldwide, have realized that Management alone cannot improve quality: its the employees who make the difference. Therefore industry, today, needs quality management professionals who can create a desire for quality in each employee.

Asian Institute of Quality Management is committed to equipping professionals with the latest skills to meet this new management challenge, by offering e - learning opportunities in the areas of ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems, TQM and Six Sigma.

The Diploma in ISO 9000 QMS consists of ten specialized modules covering various aspects such as the Principles of quality management, Process approach, Documentation, Clause-wise explanation, and Audit concepts

.In the prevailing scenario a manager's ability to achieve effective output through efficient processes is most important. AIQM has designed the diploma program based on real-world criteria. It helps you to identify, assess, develop and apply the skills and best practices of today's most effective quality management professionals.

We help you to develop the core skills of quality management and application of these skills in your job where you shall have an impact on the results even before you complete your diploma. AIQM's diploma can therefore help individuals reach supreme heights of excellence in their career.

Benefits of this diploma

  • Excellent Career Enhancement Opportunity
  • Enhances Your Effectiveness and Efficiency on the Job
  • Internationally Recognized Qualification
  • Photo-identity Card from ASCB(Europe) Ltd. – UK
  • Listing among an International list of Quality Professionals.

Benefits of E-learning

  • An efficient method of learning without having to physically go for classes
  • Saves time and cost of travel, specially beneficial to working people
  • Schedule of study does not interfere with the daily job or business
  • Cuts down the boredom of listening to a monotonous lecture
  • Student has choice of when to study and at what speed to study
  • A comfortable route for enhancing one's career prospects
  • six sigma certification No limitation in terms of age or background

Course contents

Quality Systems: Concepts & Standards / Process Approach / PDCA.
Quiz - 1

Introduction to ISO 9001:2008 Background / Structure / Eight Quality Management Principles / Terminologies.

Case Study -1

Quiz – 2

Requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System: General / Documentation Requirements.

Quiz - 3

Management Responsibility: Management Commitment / Customer Focus / Quality Policy / Quality Objectives / Planning / Responsibility, Authority & Communication / Management Review

Case Study – 2A

Quiz – 4

Resource Management: Provision of Resources / Human Resources / Infrastructure / Work- Environment

Case-Study – 2B

Quiz – 5

Product Realization: Planning / Customer Related Processes / Design & Development / Purchasing / Production & Service Operations / Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices /

Quiz – 6

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement: General / Monitoring & Measurement / Internal Audits / Process & Product Monitoring and Measurement / Control of Non-conforming Product / Analysis of Data / Continual Improvement / Corrective Action / Preventive Action /

Quiz – 7

Audit Concepts: Planning for an audit / Developing a Check-list / Conducting an Audit Writing an Audit Report / Auditor Ethics / Value - addition Process during Internal Audit

Quiz – 8